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Provided Free:

Complete Buffet Layout w/ Table, Tablecloth & Skirting. All Food Served In
Warmers, Serviettes, Plates, Cups, Forks, Spoons, Chilli Sauce & Trash Bags.

  • * Rice / Bee Hoon
    • 火腿海鲜炒饭 Seafood Fried Rice w/ HamChef's Choice
    • 虾仁蛋丝白米粉 Seafood White Bee Hoon w/ Shredded Egg
    * Prawns
    * Pork
    * Chicken
    • 西式香草小鸡腿 Western Style Chicken Drumlet
    • 招牌咖喱鸡 Signature Curry Chicken
    * Vegetable
    • 三菇鲍贝上海青 Shanghai Green w/ Sea Clam & Mushroom
    • 蒜香蟹肉西兰花 Broccoli w/ Crabmeat & Mushroom
    * Fish
    • 鸡尾汁鱼排 Fish Fillet w/ Cocktail Sauce
    • 西芹黑木耳丝炒鱼片 Sliced Fish w/ Celery & Black Fungus
    * Deep Fried
    • 白胡椒酱苏东柳 Ika Nugget w/ White Pepper Sauce
    • 芝士鸡肉球 Cheezy Chicken Ball
    * Finger Food
    • 香炸地瓜卷 Crispy Sweet Potatoe Roll
    • 熏鸭马铃薯卷 Spring Roll w/ Smoke Duck & Potatoes
    * Desserts
    • 雪耳海底椰 Honey Sea Coconut w/ FungusChef's Choice
    • 白果蜀米芋泥 Sweet Yam w/ Ginko Nuts & Corn
    * Choose ONE (1) cordial drink
    • 什果 Fruit Punch
    • 橙汁 Orange
    • 荔枝 Lychee

    Rental of Tables & Stools (For Guest) Table - $10.00 Each (Without Skirting) / Stool - $1.00 Each NB: An Additional Charge from $1.00 per person for any extra dish order. (Exclude Seafood & Certain Meat Items)

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Min. 30 paxs

* Please call us: 6755 7993 for any special / additional request.

* ALL Orders are subject to Availability of slots, to avoid any disappointment, please place your order in advance.

* An additional charge from $1.07 w/GST per person for any extra dish ordered (exclude seafood & certain meat items)

* All additional order of food, rental of tables and stools are subjected to 7% GST charges.

* A surcharge of $32.10 – $53.50 w/GST is applicable for delivery to venue without lift landing.

* For increment it will be in multiple of 5 paxs.

* Buffet transportation fee of $42.80 w/GST For food order  below $642.00 w/GST.

* CNY Buffet charge of $51.36 w/GST from 1st Feb – 13th Feb 2019.

* Mini CNY Buffet charge of $32.10 w/GST from 1st Feb – 13th Feb 2019.

* Mini Buffet and Bento transportation fee of $26.75 w/GST  (For all districts).

* Delivery To All Districts. Except “Chalets”, Hotels and Sentosa Area.

* For Delivery To Chalets, Changi Airport, SAFRA, Any National Parks, Recreational Club & Shopping Mall Additional Surcharge of $16.05 w/GST.

* CBD Area & Jurong Island Additional Surcharge of $21.40 w/GST.